Arashi's Thought(?)

Because life can be cruel and tough so let's try to think something funny! This randomness just for fun okay. So..I don't know if this is funny but I tried okay? Enjoy this random post ! ;D

Have you read Arashi's mind? Do you wanna try?

Of course! Let's start it!

And Mr. Choreo Ohno-sensei...

Okay...our master of concert start speaking
*Save Leader from stoic MJ*
I like this three shoot by the way, what should we called it? Yamamoto? Ohsama? xDD

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That's all ! How is it? Not funny?
It's okay, I knew it already.. it's pretty fun tho doing this screencaps xD
Oh! Thank you for you who read this random post of mine~
Next time I'll screencaps more. ^^)/
It's midnight here, bye!
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Bye 2014 and Welcome to 2015

Been along time I didn't post here. Thanks for being a good year for me. Thanks for being my friends tho I'm newbie here. Thanks for talking to me and add me back. I hope we can talk more this year too. Don't scared, I don't bite! By the way, congratulations for White team cause they won NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2014!
May this year will be a great year for us. Let the past go and let's make alot good memories on 2015. Last, Happy new year people!

ps : This is first time for me to posting from smartphone


[24.08.2014] Gelar Jepang UI 20 24 August 2014 I go to Japanese festival at Boulevard UI.
The title is Gelar Jepang "Kid's Creativity, Teen's Enthusiasm, Adult's Productivity"

The impression when I'm in parking area was there are too much peoples and it was sooooo HOT!!!
Queue for tickets was sooo loooonngggg~

I didn't taking much photo and most of this pict is taking from nino1711azuki 's camera and others ^^; *thanks to them*
Me, Arashi's fans (should I called them RUSUH? xD) and Zarashi~

Guess where am I? hehe
Ciel and Arale-chan~

ARASHINDO's stand here~

and me at front banner ^^ *Ohchan gomen!* >.<"

and after waiting 30 minutes under the bright sun I met Domo-kun around 2pm!!!
Domo-kun was sooo fluffy and friendly! When I finished take picture with Domo-kun and say "Arigatou Domo-kun~" Domo-kun reply me with bowing, so cuuutee~

That's all~ I promised to take more picture next time when I'm going to J-fest ^^;

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It's Matsujun's month! I tried to change my layout a bit with his color ^^
Of course, I change the header with Matsujun hehe
How's it? the layout as bad as before?

Change the topic!
Mm...I didn't have much confident in writing (specially in english) but recently I plan to make a short fanfic.. (already started it) Maybe I can ask my friend to translate it in english cause I'm not good with that. I will post it here when I'm done and if I have much confident in it I can try to post on fanfic comm after. So... see you on next post! adieu~ ^o^)/
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Something happened recently here (livejournal), most of Arashi’s fans must be known about this. Apparently, my friend is found about her video sub on streaming site. I’m bit surprised that time when I saw her post. Not long after that, other comm post the same thing and they decide to postpone their release or project in that comm. I’m glad to know my friend with the others are working on this-mess now. But, I’m bit confused with her post on comm. Should I reapply to join on your comm or what? I don’t know how to fill my empty livejournal suddenly.. eh? I’m really confused here, how should I do about the 'comment'??

I have free time recently, so I make this for Jun’s month from MISS Magazine 2011 *yeah, I'm bad at editing* xDD
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Colors. Me. Failed.

Ok,I tried to change layout for this livejournal. I've tried before and I hate it~ so I kept the old layout..
I'm trying again today and jajajyan~ another failed layout...
I'm still confused how to edit layout in livejournal. I don't know how to show the tag and other links in sidebar..It's confusing me...
I just want the simple layout for my livejournal, only sidebar, header, date, subject, comments and etc.But why it's so confusing..?? This time I just like the blue color of ribbon and that's it. Maybe, it's because my stupid brain didn't work well.. But hey, I choose to keep this layout. Maybe until LOVE DVD on sale? haha xD
Maybe next time I can do better. Please give me advice to follow so I can change lj layout better next time ^^

Ps: sorry about my random post
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[Download] Calendar March 2014

It's already in the middle of March. I'm starting new semester now and I'm in the last year. I think if I have something to share I will post it and writing lil' bit here. There will be MMDA in April 2014. This year who will become as MMDA in VS Arashi..? I hope not yama (>.<) I'm looking forward for it. And thanks to my favorite writer for writing a-long-one-shot-yama fanfic ! I really like it ^^ *though is sad ending*
Well, you can download Calendar this month here :
Nisshin-oillio - Ninomiya Kazunari choose the size and click download button at right

It seem that Naive didn't used Ohchan as image of that brand. So, maybe I will give only download link which you can download (calendar/wallpaper/screensaver). Have a good day ! ^^
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[2013.01.19] Bittersweet and Road to Glory on Baystorm

Today Nino played "Bittersweet" and "Road to Glory" on Baystorm. He mentioned on Sho after playing "Road to Glory".

Nino : "This song was played on tv the other day ne, when Sho-chan was at the jump station. I was recording for other coupling song on that day, for coupling 3 or 4, it was a very cold day, the sky was clear but it was just freezing cold, I was wondering it must be tough to go outside, and when I switched on tv, I saw Sho-chan doing live cast at Hokkaido. He wrapped himself with so much clothes!! His nose was red!! "
*Based on news, It was very cold day that day. A lot of flights from Hokkaido back to Tokyo was cancelled due to bad weather, heavy snow fall.

Besides Sho, Nino also mentioned Aiba too.
2 years ago Riida starts giving them pocket money new year (Otoshidama), and last year Sho-kun also starts giving. This year it's Aiba's turn. So this year Nino (& Jun) receives pocket money from Riida, Sho, Aiba.

Nino: "I put the pocket money in the pocket on my shirt, when I reached home I just fall asleep, when I woke up I washed it and took bath, I totally forget about it. I didnt remember until I dry my clothes! The whole thing was crumpled.. Aiba-kun put the money in the pocket money paper with my image, me wearing white hakama on it ! He said it comes with magazine, so he just used it. The pocket money paper was in tedious situation, colors all melted, and I looked like zombie ! But the money inside was safe"

(credit translation to Arashi Daisuki on FB)

You can download Radio rip for both songs Here :
Bittersweet (MF)
Road to Glory (MF)

I'm looking forward to listen all song on new single ! Beside this song, there are two song more in this single. Enjoy~
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Arashi's Calendar and Wallpaper

Minna, how about your days?
Jakarta is raining hard and flood everywhere. Luckly I'm save here and I didn't go out until wednesday. Have you watch Arashi performing Bittersweet at HeyHeyHey Special last night? They are doing Love Song Medley : Love Rainbow, Meikyuu Love Song and Bittersweet. Bittersweet is soundtrack for Matsujun's new drama Shitsuren Chocolateir. Ohno-kun was choreographed this song and I like both of the dance and the song, it's similiar like perfume's song. I'm looking forward for new single next month : Bittersweet and Road to glory (Theme song Sochi Olympic).
The calendar and wallpaper are from their CM and you can download it from their official web here :

Ohno Satoshi - Naive (January)
Matsumoto Jun - Je l'aime (January-March)
Ninomiya Kazunari - Pocky Wallpaper Valentine

Do you remember? Last year Ohno-kun had been in Allegra CM. It's been a year he became Allegra for Hisamitsu's allergy products. Yesterday, they held presscon for new CM. You can see that new CM here >>
Ohno satoshi allegra 2014
Recently the weather became extrim, don't catch cold minna~
See you on the next post ! ^^
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Me. First. Mine.

Hajimemashite ! Pichan de~su ! ^^
Yes ! I'm starting using livejournal this January 2014. Actually I want to create an acc two years ago, since I know most of Arashi fans are using livejournal. So, after thinking too much finally I create an account now. You can call me riri. I'm from Indonesia. Have you visit Jakarta? Yes, Jakarta is in Indonesia. I lived in Jakarta and became Arashick since around 2010-2011. My ichiban is Ohno Satoshi and my favorite OTP is Yama (1st) and Ohmiya (2nd), but I love all members. I know Arashi since I'm in school but I just know them as one of Johnny's talent. I'm addicted with YUI that time (till now) and when I'm starting new life in University my friend give me NazoDi and Maou drama and since then she keep telling me about Arashi and related-things. Not long after that I'm searching their bio, picture and variety-show etc. And..yobaretenai jajajyan~ I endep up here!
I'd like to know more about you although you are not an Arashian. Let's be friend !
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~

ps : PM if you want to know me more, I will reply your message asap

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